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We are occasionally asked to construct a custom unit or modify an existing unit to satisfy some specific requirement.

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Some examples include :

Modification of a Presonus Central Station to provide prefade outputs. In this application the program audio was to be sent to an ISDN codec without attenuation by the main level control. The Presonus unit did not allow for this 'out of the box.'

Construction of a balanced audio selector. The SPL SMC2489 used in this production studio has only one balanced surround input. An external 1U DB25 balanced selector was designed and installed to select between three alternative audio interfaces.

Virtual VTR Switcher to allow for summing of left and/or right of a VVTR ( guide audio ) in a music-for-film environment. This allows for easy switching of the guide audio tracks in the centre channel speaker.

Hammond / Leslie interface for using a line level keyboard (Hammond XK3 in this case) with a Leslie 145 cabinet. Several of these units have been assembled for different setups with such features as footswitch speed control and balanced audio connection / separate mains inlet for Leslie power.