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Workshop Audio Repair and Test Equipment

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We continually invest in equipment necessary to make a great job of servicing audio gear.

This keeps our repair and test processes efficient and reliable.

Some of the equipment we use is listed below.

Electronic Test Equipment

Fluke 123 Scopemeter

HP/Agilent 54610B 500Mhz Oscilloscope

Tektronix DPO2012 100Mhz Oscilloscope

Lindos LA100 Audio Oscillator/ Analyser

Marconi TF2104 Low Distortion Signal Generator

BBC Harmonics Band Distortion Meter

NTI ML1 Minilyser & MR1 Minirator

Hewlett Packard 6253A Laboratory Power Supply Unit

Atlas ESR Analyser & Semiconductor Analyser

Configurable 4kW loadbank for high power amplifier testing with waveform monitor

Rework and Repair Equipment

OKi Metcal MFR-DSI Soldering / Desoldering station

RS DS50 Soldering Station

Hakko 850 SMT Hot Air Rework Station